For Small Fundraisers

Application guide for local volunteer groups supporting Ukrainians in need.

Step 1 - Reputation backing

Each fundraiser has to be connected to a credible social media account. Please host your fundraising announcement on:

  • 👉 a social media page of your volunteer group
    The page should have been active for the past few months, have some following, and preferably include some photo evidence of previous volunteering activity.
  • 👉 OR a social media platform of an influencer who is endorsing your project
    This person could be a local activist, supporter abroad, political figure, industry professional, etc. This person should have a meaningful social reputation and be willing to vouch for you. Please make sure they review the guidelines before committing:

Step 2 - Social media post

You will need to write a detailed social media post in English and share it from the account of your volunteer group or the reputation backer. Please include:

  • 👉 Description of your volunteering effort
  • 👉 How the money will be used and what’s the needed amount?
  • 👉 Are there any organizations or institutions vouching for this effort?
    Are you affiliated with any larger organizations or have been endorsed by famous individuals (please include links to media evidence).
  • 👉 Media links to help donors better evaluate your donation request
    Include links to previous fundraising efforts supported by large number of people, social media posts with photos evidencing previous activity, features in media outlets, etc.
  • 👉 Payment method and details
    Please verify with volunteers verbally or via encrypted chat that these details are accurate.
    You MUST include payment infromations in your post. We are not hosting any payment details on!
    Note on payment methods: The simpler the payment process the more likely people will contribute. PayPal is live in Ukraine. For transfers to Ukrainian cards, consider using Wise.
  • 👉 Contact information for big donations
    Only add if applicable; please make sure it’s not someone on the frontline for safety purposes

If you need help writing or translating this post in English, our volunteers can help. Please fill in the application form in Ukrainian and we will get back to you.

Step 3 - Submitting to the website

Please fill in the form below. It should not take longer than 10 - 20 minutes. You will be asked for general information about your volunteering efforts. Please do not share any information you don’t want publicly available.

️IMPORTANT❗️We only feature fundraisers that meet the above specifications and are shared from reliable social media profiles. If your organization is already featured, you cannot apply for another fundraiser.