For Bigger Organizations

We help highlight organizations doing an important work on the ground in Ukraine.

Some of the major reasons why foreigners choose not to donate:

Some of the major reasons why foreigners choose not to donate include:

  • 👉 Not knowing what the money will be spent on
  • 👉 Not understanding Ukrainian descriptions on the donations page
  • 👉 Not knowing who to contact when considering large donations

If your organization is directly aiding people on the ground in Ukraine and lacks funding to satisfy immediate aid requests - we want to help you communicate this effort.

How to get featured?

Please submit the application form. You can submit it in Ukrainian and we will take over the translation!

How can I make my donations page better?

Includes the following information:

  • 👉 A brief description of your organization in English
    Include any relevant background, major institutional backers, and past accomplishments.
  • 👉 Explanation of how the money will be used
  • 👉 How much approximately you are trying to raise
  • 👉 Any social media links that can help donors better vet this donation request:
    Share links to previous fundraisers supported by large numbers of people; social media posts that feature your past efforts; endorsements by influential individuals, institutions, or media; or other evidence of you past efforts.
  • 👉 Payment method and deposit details:
    Make sure your deposit information is accurate and clearly organized. Use payment methods that are simple to donate to. PayPal is now live in Ukraine. Consider highlighting Wise as a transaction option alongside SWIFT when hosting the fundraiser with a Ukrainian card.
  • 👉 Contact for big donations
    Preferablly share a contact of someone in your organization who speaks English. Please make sure it’s not a person in an active combat zone.