For donors

Helping you meaningfully support grassroots fundraising efforts for Ukraine.

This project was created to find, evaluate and amplify credible fundraisers organized by Ukrainian volunteers.


Why donate to small fundraisers?

Since Russia’s most recent invasion, friends and families of people fighting on the frontlines, activists, and others have volunteered to support the people and military in Ukraine, at times risking their lives to deliver essential supplies to occupied areas. While large charities will continue playing a crucial role in helping people affected by this war, their ability to quickly respond to the needs of small groups in different regions of Ukraine is limited. Volunteers fill in this gap. They have first-hand information on the most current and urgent needs. Every dollar of the donation to their fundraisers goes to life-saving supplies and services - medicines, protective gear, transportation, and more - making a tremendous impact for people on the ground.

How do we vet volunteer-driven fundraisers?

  • Multiple people on our team independently evaluate fundraiser information.
  • We only onboard fundraisers that have proven ability to deliver aid.
  • We only support fundraisers hosted on credible social media pages or websites. Read more: here
  • Soon, we will employ a group of trusted Ukrainians with connections to volunteer networks on the ground to further formalize our vetting process.
  • 👉 Disclaimer: We are confident in fundraisers we have vetted, but the final decision to donate is yours. Before donating, double-check the legitimacy of the social media page hosting the fundraiser.

How to donate?

Click “Donate Now” for deposit information. We are not hosting payment information directly on our website at the moment.

  • 👉 Donating to a Ukrainian card: Wise, SWIFT, Western Union
  • 👉 Donating to a US-based account: Venmo, Paypal, Zelle, Revolut, CashApp