About Us

We are a group of volunteers from all walks of life, united over a mission to save Ukrainian lives and support the wellbeing of people affected by the war.

We’ve created this website to amplify fundraisers by grassroots volunteer groups that do not have access to support from larger organizations. We prioritize helping vetted volunteers that have been actively coordinating aid and other forms of support to Ukrainian battalions, people in combat zones and refugees.

Problems We Are Solving

Donation Impact

  • 👉 While large organizations offer critical support to many groups in the US, their ability to promptly respond to the needs of small groups in different regions of Ukraine is limited. Donations to grassroots groups will help fulfill this gap.
  • 👉 Even a small donation towards urgent aid needs will have a major impact on someone’s life and their chance to survive.
  • 👉 No overhead – every dollar goes to help people in Ukraine.


  • 👉 Typically, fundraisers demonstrate their credibility through extreme transparency (financial statements, photo evidence of receipts, supplies purchase, delivery). Often this information cannot be made public in wartime.
  • 👉 We help small fundraisers communicate their credibility without revealing sensitive information. All they need is someone with a credible social media reputation to vouch for their efforts. Read more: here

Language Barrier

  • 👉 Donors want to know how their money will be spent and see some evidence of past volunteering activity. We help grassroots groups formulate and translate their fundraiser descriptions in English.

Get in touch

Since the beginning of the project, we’ve worked with over 30 people, including designers, developers, lawyers, cybersecurity specialists, and more, from Ukraine, the US, Canada, Netherland, and beyond. We now have a core group of 5-10 volunteers who support this project consistently. Anyone with the skills and capacity to help can join our efforts!

Use this form to get in touch about joining our volunteer group, partnerships, and media coverage.